Thank you for your interest in the legal aspects of Timberline Music Company products.

Timberline Music Company manages copyright licenses for all timberlinemusiccompany copyrights.  This includes all sheet music, CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray's that have the © timberlinemusiccompany mark printed on them.

For legal proceedings having to do with Kirby Shaw Music, please refer to

As the print representative for these composers, Timberline Music Company is responsible for authorizing print-related usages such as photocopying, arranging or adapting, and reprinting lyrics and/or music.

We can issue a broadcast or synchronization (video recording) license for any composition copyrighted by timberlinemusiccompany.

Requests are processed quickly, however, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for processing.

Permission to Photocopy:
- For adjudication uses (Judges' copies)
- Out of print music, enlarged copies, specialty uses, or individual songs taken from a larger publication
- For Barbershop Ensemble

Permission to Reprint:
- Lyrics only in a publication
- Song excerpts in a textbook, dissertation or magazine
- Songs in church bulletins/programs/community handouts

Permission to Publish Music:
- Publish a custom arrangement or song collection.

Permission to Arrange:
- For Barbershop Ensemble
- For Marching Band/Drum Corps/Percussion Ensemble
- For Show Choir
- For Symphony Orchestra
- For other instrumental or vocal ensembles
- Adapt a purchased arrangement to fit your ensemble's needs

Permission to Record/Videotape/Broadcast:
- Broadcast or make videos of your performance (TV, online streaming, or DVDs)
- Make CDs/Audio recordings of your performance

Rehearsal Materials:
- Make rehearsal tapes from a printed arrangement
- Make rehearsal tapes from a Showtrax or purchased accompaniment CD

*Please be advised that Timberline Music Company does not publish unsolicited materials.


Mechanical Royalty Fees for CDs and DVDs:

If you are creating a CD: With one or more timberlinemusiccompany copyrighted compositions, here is the formula.

Standard fees for each song recorded on a CD One song 5 minutes or less = $0.091 x number of CDs made.

Example: One song on 100 CDs = $9.10

One song over 5 minutes = $0.0175 per minute x number of CDs made.

Example: One 6 minute song ($0.105) on 100 CDs = $10.50

Note: Round up to the nearest minute. Do NOT include seconds.

Fees for Concert Video Mechanical Rights

Examples (among many):

35 DVDs = $35

One year placement on web site = $25

Seven showings on school cable channel = $25