Boba on the Beach - Kenny Regan

Boba on the Beach - Kenny Regan

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Timberline JazzFlex - Grade 2

"Boba" refers to a beverage originating from Taiwan which has become internationally popular. The drink consists of sweet tapioca pearls sipped through a straw along with a chilled liquid, usually some kind of flavored tea. For many people, the phrase "boba on the beach" is a picture of the perfect break from school or work.

The music is written in a jazz swing style, with a nod to the Count Basie Orchestra. For stylistic reference, instrumentalists and directors are encouraged to listen to recordings of the Basie Band with particular attention to their swing feel, articulation, dynamic contrast, minimalism, and laid-back groove.

As part of Timberline Music Company's JazzFlex library, this piece is designed to provide directors maximal flexibility in instrumentation. All three "horn parts" are provided in various transpositions and may be played by any compatible instrument(s) as available to the ensemble, including instruments that are not traditionally "jazz" instruments. All divisi are optional, and some parts provide a choice of octave to accommodate instrumental ability. Directors are encouraged to experiment with creative instrumentation decisions!