About Us

Timberline Music Company is a publisher of the highest quality jazz band, concert band, and choral music! 



Timberline Music Company’s Concert Band compositions, transcriptions, and settings are each as unique and musical as they are thoughtful and carefully crafted. Well edited full score and parts are produced with an eye toward clear and easy reading with no hassle rehearsals and performance. With each title, the goal has been to produce music of the highest quality, always with practical issues of playability well in mind. Significantly, great care has been taken to produce the written music using the highest standards of music notation and thought to the details of paper color and weight for both score and parts. As always, careful preparation of this music will yield performances that are satisfying to your players and your audiences.



Timberline Music Company’s Jazz Ensemble compositions and arrangements are unique and, thoughtfully crafted to be both playable and musically satisfying. They reflect the background of our composers, combining well edited full score and parts produced on Finale with an eye toward clear and easy reading, and no hassle rehearsals and performance. Piano and bass parts have both chord changes and suggested written notation for players of various skill levels. Most charts are flexible in the use of solo space, with accessible changes, and all charts are written for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, and 4 trombones, with piano, guitar, bass, and drums in the rhythm section. Check out these charts - you won't be sorry!



TMC’s library of Jazz and Concert Choir compositions, though small to start, are in a class by themselves, and will steadily grow as we expand all of our libraries.  Our octavos are all regulation (6.75"x10.5") size printed on the best paper we could find!  All of our choral titles have been written to be performed in a variety of settings so we offer several options including accompaniment CDs and Instrumental Parts.  Whether you have top-notch professional musicians or beginners, you will have a great time with all of TMC Choral Compositions!