Exoplanet 42 - Mark Jacobs

Exoplanet 42 - Mark Jacobs

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Timberline Concert Band - Grade 2+

Exoplanet 42

Exoplanet 42 is dedicated to the 2012-2013 Ashland Middle School Wind Ensemble,
Jenifer Carstensen, director. With this piece I hope to share in the fascination of the art of music and the science of space exploration; using the science of music to celebrate the art of space exploration.

Never before in human history have we had direct knowledge of planets orbiting a star other than our own sun. Using observation of star "wobbles" and other techniques, scientists have identified hundreds of distant worlds and given them names like Kepler-69c (pictured on the previous page in artist's conception.)
The exploration of the fictitious Exoplanet 42 takes place in the listener's imagination,
guided by the music. The planet’s numeration and titles of the sections of the work are homages to the late author Douglas Adams. He knew where is towel was.

Duration ca. 5'35"