Adoramus Te Timberline Concert Band - Martin Behnke

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Timberline Concert Band - Grade 2

The Palestrina choral motet “Adoramus Te” is stunning in its sheer simplicity and beauty, and speaks to us still over the hundreds of years since it was written.  This transcription deliberately changes nothing from the original choral score, save some octave transpositions, and intentionally contains no edit marks of any kind.  The piece can be very effectively programmed within a performance containing more traditional band/choir fare, and can also be used very effectively as a warm up.  Coupled with some breathing/focus exercises, it can draw your players into listening, breathing, and phrasing at the beginning of your rehearsal in a highly sensitive way that will have positive carryover into other pieces scheduled for your rehearsal.  Beautiful contrast programming and effective warmup and developmental material.

Grade, CB-2. Style, Motet. Duration, ca.3 min.