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Our goal is to provide a TMC Blog on a regular basis here at the Timberline Music Company site. Topics will cover a range of issues pertinent to music and music education, from the philosophy of TMC and its music and writers, to some more practical issues of “how to.” As a company that offers a broad spectrum of music types and styles, this site will not be limited in content: subjects addressed here will include anything and everything musical that this writer and select others from the Timberline staff have the experience and knowledge to offer to our readers. And it is my sincerest desire that each of you will find stimulating and useful information here, information that can be helpful to you in your musical life…and that will cause you to think.

To start, our "Mission Statement," with more elaboration to come in future blogs.

The purpose of Timberline Music Company is to make available to the music world a body of original music written by serious contemporary composers and arrangers who are committed to writing consistently high quality music for performers and audiences at all levels of the musical spectrum. While the quality of the music itself is the consummate priority for all of its writers, TMC writers are also carefully selected to possess a thorough understanding of the educational process in educational institutions as they exist today. That quality of music and the understanding of our audience and purpose bring TMC to the forefront of publishers providing music for Concert Bands, Concert Choirs, Orchestras, Jazz Ensembles, and Vocal Jazz Ensembles, as well as music for Chamber Ensembles, Solo Literature, and relevant Recordings and Educational Aids.

Further, our goal is to present to music directors and their musicians a product that is not only musically thoughtful and substantive, but also that is prepared with care and respect to the highest specifications of published music. Those specifications include attention to the highest standards of editing, recording, and printing of all of our publications. The music of TMC is marked by the very tangible look and “feel” of serious, quality literature, is durable, and is easy on the eyes in terms of size, layout, and color.

We offer Timberline Music Company to those who share our commitment to
bringing quality music to musicians and audiences at all levels of musical development, as part of the process of elevating the human condition and furthering the awareness of the value of quality creative and artistic experiences for all of us in our sometimes chaotic world.

All the best...MB

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